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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use this online OCR service to extract plain text from scanned images and documents. Furthermore it can convert images to searchable PDF and DjVu files and also is able to merge them to searchable multi-page DjVu and PDF documents.

Q: Can I upload multiple images at the same time?

Yes, you can submit up to twenty images at a time. The result will be merged to a single file which you can download.


Q: How long does the conversion take?

Yes, if you submit a file in one of these formats you can use this site to convert it to PDF. Simply choose "PDF" for the output in the second step.


Q: Is there a limit for the upload size?

No, for the moment there is no limit for the upload size within reasonable dimensions. However, we trust in the fair use of our clients.


Q: Should I submit confidential data here?

Nobody is reviewing the data which is submitted by you. Result files are immediatelly removed after download and therefore only can be downloaded once. However, we recommend you to be careful with confidential data.


Q: What are DjVu files?

DjVu documents are a convenient way to deal with scanned documents since they offer modern compression technology and can be combined with an additional OCR layer to make them searchable.


Q: Do I have to upload my files in a certain orientation?

Yes, you have to upload the files in the same orientation as you would read them since the program does not rotate them automatically for the moment.


Q: Why do I receive fair result quality?

Most probably fair output quality is due to bad condition or low resolution of the scanned document. The recommended resolution for this OCR service is 300 dpi. However, submitting documents with higher resolution might help to improve the quality of your result. If the resolution of your document is below that value our OCR Software my encounter problems in processing the document.


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