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How to use our Automatic Language Detection Service

Have you ever encountered a text from a website, blog, or even a book that you do not know what language it is written in? Or you are familiar with the language but cannot remember what it is called. There are also some languages that are hard to tell apart from each other. For these instances, you need an automatic language detection tool.
An online language identifier can recognize language of text. Users just need to enter the text in the text box and then click on the Detect button. Then the tool will determine what the language is.
When you surf through the internet, there are times when you stumble upon a blog post that is written in a foreign language. It is something that you cannot identify at all. The good news is that there is an automatic language detection tool that searches through a database to determine the language of the text. You do not need to pay for the service because it is available on the website for free. The tools algorithm can return an answer as soon as possible, even if you are on dial-up.
A snippet of the text is all the tool needs to recognize language of text. Then the online tool will search through the database to match the characters and identify the language. You should take note that if the snippet included a slang word then the language detection tool might not be able to match it to any language or come up with the wrong one.
The online tool might also not pickup texts that are transliterated, which are texts that are written in characters that are not officially used for the language. Some examples are traditional Asian languages written in Latin characters, such as Chinese pinyin and Japanese romaji. They will not be recognized as Chinese or Japanese.
The text inputted in the text box is not stored in any server. The analysis of the text takes place right in your internet browser alone. You can copy-paste any text you see online and determine what language they are using. It is a good way of learning new language, especially ones that you have never encountered before. So why do not you give it a try? Type or paste a sentence on the text box and click on the Detect button. You can test the tool by typing a phrase in a language that you already know and determine if the language detection tool gets it right. The tool is perfect for everyone, from students to researchers. It is a simple online tool that can save you time. Don not forget to bookmark the page so that you can find the tool again when you need to use it in the future.